What Does it Cost?

College For All recognized that for many students looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree the option of a traditional college, and the debt incurred, put achieving a bachelor’s degree out of reach. Now we have the solution with College For All, through creating an innovative and affordable approach for students to gain their fully accredited bachelor’s degree, students can go through college debt-free. Higher education is available to everyone with College For All.

All inclusive program

Being a student at College For All includes academic advisement and instruction, study materials, library access, as well as accreditation and enrollment in the degree-issuing university, Thomas Edison State University. When the testing day arrives, all CLEPs and DSSTs exams are administered at either one of our onsite College For All locations or may be taken at another certified testing center. We believe everyone deserves a chance to achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential; with our innovative and affordable program at College For All, this is possible. To learn more about our revolutionary program visit the How It Works page.

Costs: A student that studies at a state university typically pays an average expense of $100,000 for a four-year degree, including tuition, course fees, textbook materials, and living expenses. However, students like any good consumer, are now looking for alternatives to these high prices. Now through the College For All educational model students can gain their bachelor’s degree affordably. This is achieved by the process of manageable monthly, semester, or annual payments. Semester periods are divided into 6-month cycles, reflecting a biannual payment structure.

Monthly rate: $399

Semester rate: $2,394

Annual rate: $4,788

College For All students are given the necessary support and proven materials to be ready for exam day and guidance for coursework. Throughout the span of the four-year program, students pay monthly until the completion of the program.


Subject to availability and need, qualifying students could have access to scholarship funds to cover up to half of their tuition costs. Our aim is to see every student with the desire to learn to be able to have that opportunity. To start the process of determining if you are eligible for these supportive funds, you can contact [email protected].

Price of the program with applied scholarship:

Monthly rate: $250

Semester rate: $1,250

Annual rate: $2,500

Global Scholar Program

Life is about experiences, and education should be just that, an experience! Not only should it be an experience but it should be life-changing, memorable, and powerful! On this note, College For All is launching the premium Global Scholar program in which the highest caliber of students experiences the world around them all while continuing in excellence with their studies. The leaders of tomorrow should always be looking to equip themselves not only with the book learning they need to succeed in education but also with the life skills and encounters only obtained by exploring the world and all it has to offer.