How it Works

Our Approach

At College For All, you can achieve your goal of gaining your college degree through our educational model that makes earning your degree affordable and convenient. We help prepare students to earn their college degree by taking college-level replacement tests which are offered through CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams created by the College Board, and DSST (DANTES) exams.

The American Council on Education (ACE) has accredited these examination programs and has determined a credit-granting score for each exam that constitutes the equivalent of passing a college-level course with a C grade level.

Through our degree completion program, students can gain up to 100 credits by examination, depending on the degree. Once our students have accumulated all transferable credits that are offered by examination the remaining credits are acquired through the traditional means of coursework.

We work with accredited colleges such as Thomas Edison State University and others to allow our students to finish with a fully accredited bachelor’s degree.

Our Resources:

  1. Online resources such as 1,000+ videos for classes and coursework, provided by and others.

  2. Traditional textbook materials

  3. Online student login with test breakdown and study guide

  4. Student advising

College For All gives students alternative pathways to earn transferable college credit by examination to obtain their degree. Imagine the savings that come from this method of earning credits. To learn more about how you can save thousands of dollars toward your degree, visit our What does it cost? page.

College For All

Convenient. Affordable.

$399 /month

Online College

Flexible. Less supportive.

$833 /month

Public University

More options. Higher cost.

$2,000 /month

Private University

Most expensive option.

$2,700 /month

Unlock Your Success!

Now getting your college degree is within reach. Prepare for exams using multiple study materials that complement all different learning styles. Pay as you go and follow detailed study guides. Enjoy the convenience of gaining college credit without assignments or deadlines. All preparation in the program is geared towards you being successful on testing day.

Join the College For All student body and discover why so many have chosen this pathway to graduate debt-free! Get started HERE!