All of the College For All locations provide both diverse and similar aspects for our students to utilize. Every site places the same value on our students and their access to a rich learning experience. Each College For All site offers our students the highest educational integrity and materials to be successful in the program. We are proud of our current locations and will be periodically updating offered sites as College For All continues to expand around the world. 

Hemet, California 

The College For All location in Hemet, California ensures that students are never far away from a good time. Whether you are after a day at the beach, skiing down a mountain, or hiking through the many vibrant deserts of Southern California, the Hemet location has something for you. Located less than two hours away from Los Angeles, San Diego, and Palm Springs the opportunities are limitless. If you are a history fan, then you may be interested to know that the Hemet location is housed within a beautifully restored, historic building dating back to the early 1800s. Regardless of your interests, the Hemet, California location is situated perfectly to connect you with the entire Southern California region filled with opportunity, diversity, and as much sunshine as you can possibly wish for.


372 North San Jacinto Street Suite B 

Hemet, CA 92543

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Indianapolis, Indiana is often referred to as the Crossroads of America, and for good reason. This clean, well-organized, and upscale city is truly a city that brings together the many different cultures found within the United States into a single location. With many monuments, parks, and cultural exhibits Indianapolis is an ideal location for anyone wishing to fall in love with the laid back but very driven lifestyle of one of the Midwest’s most dynamic cities. Many people view Indianapolis as one of the cities that most reflect the authentic American Dream playing out in real life. For those looking to excel in their studies while also experiencing the rich culture of the American heartland, Indianapolis is right for you! Based out of the stunning Pyramids center, College For All is proud to operate in the city of Indianapolis.


3500 DePauw Boulevard Suite 1010

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Located on the waters of the historic Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean the city of Virginia Beach is not only the largest city in Virginia but also one of its most dynamic and captivating. Between its wide variety of music and art venues, miles of scenic hiking and biking paths, and vibrant Town Center with its many trendy food and shopping options the city of Virginia Beach lives up to its historic resort town reputation. With thriving tourism, national defense, and international commerce sectors driving the economy, the city was ranked at number 45 for best places for business and career-building by Forbes. College For All is proud to welcome the impressive city of Virginia Beach as our first East Coast location.


249 Central Park Ave Suite 300-29

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Taipei, Taiwan

College For All is thrilled to introduce our location in Taipei, Taiwan. This is a city representing the harmonious marriage between ancient and modern in a way that few cities can boast. Lightening quick and efficient public transportation, city-wide Wi-Fi access, and more delicious foods than a person can try in a lifetime are just the very surface of what this city has to offer. The city’s rich culture and history inspires and creates the ideal environment for students to progress in their studies while making memories that will last a lifetime. Located in the far north of Taiwan, the city of Taipei has an often overcast climate that fosters a cozy yet energetic environment. College For All is excited to welcome Taipei as home to our first location in Asia.


No. 51, Ziqiang Rd., Tamsui Dist., 

New Taipei City 25162, Taiwan