Virtual Campus

What is VR?

Virtual reality is a fully digital experience that can either stimulate or differ entirely from the real world. The term virtual reality refers to a computer-generated, three-dimensional environment. In order to experience and interact with virtual reality, you’ll need the proper equipment, like a pair of VR glasses or a headset.

Our VR Campus Experience

Through our partnership with Encompass Island XR, we are the first educational program to offer a fully virtual reality college campus experience. We created a virtual reality world that our students that are undergoing our various degree programs can interact and socialize with each other within a 3D virtual world. College For All students will be able to connect with other College For All students throughout the world in our virtual reality world ranging from Taiwan to Virginia Beach, VA.

We are taking all the fun and community building activities that students partake in, in a college setting and bringing it to our virtual reality campus world. We have fun events such as soccer, basketball, capture the flag, and more. There are interactive College For All buildings, where students can enter museums, libraries, and study halls to share and gather study materials for themselves or with other students.

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*VR headsets need to be purchased separately to experience the EncompassXR virtual campus experience*