Taiwan Students

How Does it Work

College For All is a one-package-in-all service for students to gain a college degree. There are five steps which include: Apply, Enroll, Study for the exam, Test and gain credit, Transfer, and earn a degree.

What Does it Cost

A student that studies at a state university typically pays an average expense of $100,000 for a four-year degree, including tuition, course fees, textbook materials, and living expenses. However, students like any good consumer, are now looking for alternatives to these high prices. Now through the College For All educational model students can gain their bachelor’s degree affordably. This is achieved by the process of manageable monthly payments, while the normal College For All student price is $399/mo, the special price for a TAIWAN student is a $250/mo deal! A College For All student is given the necessary support and materials to be ready for exam day and guidance for coursework. Throughout the span of the four-year program, students pay monthly until the completion of the program.

Learn English from native speakers while in Taiwan. College For All is now offering a way for Taiwan students to interact and practice their English conversation skills in our Virtual Reality Campus.

TESU Introduction

Thomas Edison State University is a university located in New Jersey. It accredited by the Middle States of higher education and was selected by the National University Technology Network as a school to receive the Distance Education Innovation Award in 2011. College For All has had a long-lasting relationship with TESU for over 15 years. With our partnership, College For All students receive in-state tuition rates ($399/credit). Graduate online from Thomas Edison State University in New Jersey, USA.

CLEP and DSST Exams Introduction

These exams are created and accredited by the College Board and the American Council on Education. 

*CLEP exams are transferable for credit to 2,900 out of the total of 5,000 colleges and universities in 


*DSST exams are transferable for credit to 1,900 out of the total of 5,000 colleges and universities in 


CFA Degrees

The degree areas offered at College For All: 

  • Business Administration 商業經營 Business (Business Law, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Management, Information Systems, Finance, Business in Society, Public Relations, Computer Applications, Marketing, Business Policy, Statistics) 


  • Communications 傳播 Communications (Interpersonal Communications, Mass Communications, Technical Writing, Public Speaking, Public Relations, News Reporting, Marketing Communications, Persuasion, Managerial Communications, Intercultural Communications, Editing, Media Writing) 


  • Computer Science 電腦科學 Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems and Design, Data Mining and Data Analytics, Computer Simulation, Computer Arithmetic Algorithms, Programming Languages, Web Design and Development, Mobile App Development) 


  • English 英語 English (World Literature, Technical Writing, Children’s Literature, African Literature, Creative Writing, American Literature, Analyzing & Interpreting Literature, Women in Literature) 

英語(世界文學,技術寫作,兒童文學,非洲文學,創意寫作,美國文學, 分析和解釋文學,文學中的女性) 

  • Finance 金融 Finance (Financial Accounting, Business Law, Business Forecasting, Commercial Banking, Capital Budget Management, Advanced Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Risk Management, Computing and Information Technology) 


  • History 歷史 History (Western Civilization, The American Civil War & Reconstruction, Contemporary Western Europe, The Vietnam War) 


  • Liberal Studies 通識教育 Liberal Studies (Humanities, History, Religion, Management, Marketing, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Psychology, Counseling, English) 


  • Mathematics 數學 Mathematics (Calculus, Mathematical Logic, Complex Variables, Graph Theory, Matrix Algebra, Modern Algebra, Non-Parametric Statistics, Projective Geometry, Topology) 


Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment helps students earn college credit while still in high school, helps them jump their progress towards obtaining a college degree. Students earn up to 36 credits that are transferable to thousands of colleges at a fraction of the cost of an average university.

English Program

Besides the above-mentioned programs, College For All also offers High School students an immersive on-line study program to improve their conversational English. We present a 15 week VR English Program for students to participate in and learn. This program will increase students’ confidence in discussing important academic, social, and interpersonal subjects with native English speakers through the use of Virtual Reality.

Advantages VR students have

College For All has brought innovative teaching /interactive methods – Online studying through the use of Virtual Reality. Studying with VR Headsets allows students just like studying abroad. They can discuss important academic, social, and interpersonal subjects with native English speakers, they also can hang around in school/ talking with other students. This has broken the limitation of online learning that prevents students from going abroad to interact with others.

Student Reviews

“I have never regretted my decision to take this path with my undergraduate degree, and I know you won’t either.”

Caroline Harris successfully obtained her undergraduate degree in Communications through following this innovative program of gaining college credit by examination as well as coursework. This enabled her to save money and in the end graduate debt-free. She is now working on her Master’s degree in Public Affairs at the University of Texas.
~Caroline Harris (USA)

Through CFA, I earned 78 college credits, which were all able to transfer smoothly into TESU towards my English Major. On top of earning so many credits under CFA, I have also been able to use materials provided to me from CFA to confidently prepare for the GED test, a DSST, and a placement test. More importantly, I accumulated a lot of information, knowledge, and insight throughout my journey with CFA.

I highly recommend CFA to anyone who is looking for an easy, efficient, effective, and inexpensive way of studying to earn college credit.

Of all the benefits that CFA offers to her students, I think that the best one of all it that she is able and ready to adapt in a way that meets every student's needs.

~Maria Chiu (Taiwan)


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What Degrees are most Popular at CFA


The cornerstone of any economy is business, whether it’s a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation they are all run on the principles of business. The goal of the College For All Business program is to aid individuals in obtaining the skills and credentials they need to effectively manage the people and assets in their future careers. 

Business Bachelor's Degree - Areas of Study (Business Law, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Management, Information Systems, Finance, Business in Society, Public Relations, Computer Applications, Marketing, Business Policy, Statistics) Through these studies, students develop valuable skills which they can apply in numerous workplaces and businesses. Such as Management, Human Resources, Product Management, Marketing Research, Public Relations, Systems Analysis, Financial Analysis. Furthermore, many who graduate with a BSBA go on to receive their Master’s in Business Administration.

Computer Science

In this ever more digitalized world a degree in computer science is an ideal way to be prepared for the internet-based challenges and opportunities of the future. With a focus on both the liberal arts and computer science alike the degree is a well-rounded and quintessential option for those looking to impact the world around them through the utilization of computing and programming.

Computer Science Bachelor's Degree- Areas of Study (Introduction to Programming, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development, Software Engineering, UNIX, and Web Design and Development.) Exclusively for the Computer Science degree, students can participate in our Virtual Reality (VR) Internship Program. This allows students to gain the latest skills and knowledge in the future of technology.