MRB - Military Recruit Benefits Program

MRB- Military Recruit Benefits Program

Would you like to make an additional $3,300.00* each year while you are serving our great country?

Earn 24 credit hours (units) by utilizing our Military Recruit Education Benefits program, you have the flexibility and support, you would need to work from the comfort of home and earn these college credits (units) before your military contract starts and you head off for basic training. 

First-time military recruits that enlist in any of the US military branches with 24 credits or above will have the benefit of starting in a higher rank and base pay upgrade by our military.

In our Military Recruitment Benefits (MRB) Program, we prepare and get recruits ready to join the great United States military with all the mental skills and benefits needed to ascend the military ranks quicker than average. These fully-accredited credits are gained through examinations and are transferable to countless colleges and universities around nationwide whenever recruits decide to continue their education anywhere. 

Benefits by Branch

All the following figures are approx. year 1 pay increase by military branch (when students achieve 24 college credits or more).

Army: $3,288 Navy: $3,621 Air Force: $2,988 Marines: $5,043

Program Breakdown

One-Time Payment of $600* which provides students with all the materials to receive 24 college credits.

*each exam cost approx. $89 and facility fees vary with each testing center

Enter With Benefits - Start your military service with a higher rank and earning an extra $3,300* in salary benefits.

Total Gains of MRB - Extra earnings $3,300* - $600 (price of program) for average benefits $2,700. Be further along in your quest to serve our country with the MRB program.

*earns vary on the selected military branch

Choose an Academic Route that fits you! 

Students are given three (3) unique academic routes to select. Students have the option to choose between classes they feel align with their own personal interests and strengths. Below is a breakdown of each of the three academic routes and courses that our program offers.

Route 1 - Literature and Writing

  • English Literature

  • American Literature

  • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

  • Technical Writing

  • Sociology

Route 2 - History and Social Sciences

  • Social Sciences and History

  • Humanities

  • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

  • US History I

  • American Government

Route 3 - Natural Sciences and Computer Sciences

  • College Mathematics

  • Biology

  • Natural Sciences

  • College Algebra

  • Introduction to Computing

Learn More

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