Is a degree through College For All accredited?

Yes. While as an organization College For All is not accredited, we provide degree pathways and prepare our students to earn their fully-accredited bachelor’s degree through our partner university, Thomas Edison State University. College For All does not offer class work that leads directly to college credit but instead provides the materials and guidance necessary for students to take college-level accredited exams offered by CLEP and DSST.

What degrees does College For All offer?

In order to make college affordable for all, College For All has looked at the most popular degrees and honed out five degree areas that can be accessible for everyone. Our highest priority is degree completion for students, so we also assist students with prior credit from Community Colleges or elsewhere to complete and graduate with their four-year bachelor’s degree. Visit the Degree Programs page for an overview of the degrees offered at College For All.

What makes College For All different?

The innovative academic approach taken by College For All allows our students to graduate debt free through utilizing credit by examination. Credit by examination is a means of earning college credit through taking standardized tests, this way of gaining credit also helps the student become fully immersed into the subject matter with our “one subject at a time” approach. Learn more about the College For All innovative method by visiting our How it Works page.