Become a Student

Becoming a student at College For All is designed with the student's needs first. Depending on your situation here are the steps you will want to take to become an enrolled student. 

1) If you have prior college credit upon enrolling in College For All please select the option of 0-29 or 30+ on the Enroll as a Student Form. This will allow College For All to connect with you on receiving previous college credit transcripts to be implemented and registered into your degree template. 

2) If you are enrolling in college for the first time with no prior college credit you may fill out the Enroll as a Student Form, and become a student upon approval, which can be evaluated within 24 hours after submitting the form. 

To find out more information on tuition options please visit the What Does it Cost page. We are eager to serve you in achieving your college degree and welcoming you in as a College For All student. 

Why become apart of our student community?

College For All students achieve their dreams by obtaining their college degree without the heavy load of student loan debt! We offer scholarships and internships to students to help them prepare for real-world challenges.

This all-inclusive innovative educational program helps students earn transferable college credits. Our program includes academic advising, study materials, and enrollment in our degree-issuing fully accredited college, Thomas Edison State University.

Whether you a high school student, homeschooler, or working-class citizen looking to further your career, there is are a wide array of degree program options available that can help you gain a higher education. Complete prerequisite courses through examinations without incurring student loan debt from being enrolled in a major public or private university.