Do you enjoy interacting and working with others?

Communication is an integral part of every aspect of life—relationships, business, education, and government—and as a result, someone who can take complex ideas and convey them in a way that is easily understood becomes invaluable. At College For All, our goal is to assist students in becoming competent thinkers, writers, and speakers.

With miscommunication, relationships dissolve, governments are in conflict, and mistakes occur. This is why being an effective communicator is one of the most valuable skill sets in today’s world. The Communications program introduces students to many different avenues through which they may influence others: mass media, interpersonal relationships, public relations, news reporting, public speaking, technical writing, and more.

Popular jobs such as professional YouTuber, bloggers, podcasters, etc. benefits from having a Communications degree that can help them ascend the ranks of these professional job fields.

Communications Bachelor's Degree - Area of Study

Through these studies, many students develop valuable skills that they can apply in numerous workplaces and businesses.

  • Interpersonal Communications

  • Mass Communications

  • Technical Writing

  • Public Speaking

  • Public Relations

  • News Reporting

  • Marketing Communications

  • Persuasion

  • Managerial Communications

  • Intercultural Communications

  • Editing

  • Media Writing

Communications Career Possibilities

  • Human Resources

  • Public Relations

  • Research/Development

  • Freelance Writing

  • Journalism

  • Editing

  • Screen Writing

  • Proposal/Grant Writing

  • Advertising

  • Publications

  • Sales/Marketing