What does it mean to be enrolled as a student within our program?

Being a student at College For All includes academic advisement and instruction, study materials, library access, as well as accreditation and enrollment in the degree-issuing University, Thomas Edison State University. When the testing day arrives, all CLEPs and DSSTs exams are administered at either one of our onsite College For All locations or may be taken at another certified testing center. We believe everyone deserves a chance to achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential; with our innovative and affordable program at College For All, this is possible. To learn more about our revolutionary program, visit the How It Works page.


Subject to availability and need, qualifying students could have access to scholarship funds to cover up to half of their tuition costs. Our aim is to see every student with the desire to learn to be able to have that opportunity. Contact [email protected] to start the process of determining if you are eligible for a scholarship with our program.