About Us

Our Mission

College For All is firmly founded on the belief that quality higher education is something that everyone should have access to. Our mission is to create a world where no one is left without the hope to achieve their educational goals. College For All offers the most innovative and proven pathway yet to education through the utilization of the Credit By Examination Model. This model allows students to earn credit in a way that maximizes learning while also minimizing the time often wasted in the traditional classroom environment. At College For All, we believe that gaining life experience outside the classroom is just as important as learning inside the classroom. For this reason, our program is designed with flexibility in mind so that students have the freedom to work towards their accredited four-year degree while continuing to make their extracurricular goals come true. At the center of College For All is the core belief that everyone who is willing to work hard and strive for excellence should have the opportunity to better themselves through higher education regardless of their background, belief, orientation, religion, location, or income level. Our belief is that college truly should be available for all who are willing to strive for it, and our mission is to make that belief reality.

Our Story

The original workings of College For All were established in 2001 for the purpose of offering students an alternative route to gaining college credit in order to achieve their bachelor’s degree. College For All has since then been working to meet the needs of students everywhere that feel like education should be so much more than classroom lectures and essay assignments. Other colleges may publicize that their highest priority is the student, but they make it nearly impossible for students to graduate debt-free. That is why College For All is here; to provide the solution by offering an innovative approach to gaining college credit. In the past, College For All operated out of a single location in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now College For All is a truly global phenomenon with locations ranging from Hemet, California all the way to Taipei, Taiwan. Through our partnership with Thomas Edison State University, our students graduate with their accredited four-year college degrees while still being able to explore the world, advance in their careers, and spend time on the things that matter most.