Dual Enrollment

Earn college credits in high school!


Maximize on Time, Save on Costs

The College For All Dual Enrollment program helps students earn college credit while still in high school. With the first year of college mostly being a review of what students have already learned in high school, gaining college credit can be easy! The Duel Enrollment program gives high school students the tools they need to jump start their progress towards obtaining a college degree. Students can earn up to 36 credits that are transferable to thousands of colleges at a fraction of the cost of an average university.

Get Ahead Start on College

High school students can knock out an entire year of college courses by maximizing the information they are already learning in high school by applying it towards the passing of CLEP® exams, that when passed grant college credits. For that reason, the Duel Enrollment program is structured to give students an opportunity to get ahead in life and earn college credit the smart way.

Strategize Your Approach to Education

The Dual Enrollment program is broken down into six individual subjects areas. By working through all six classes, students can earn 3-6 credits per class and up to 36 credits by the time they complete the program. Here are some of the features you can expect to benefit from with the Dual Enrollment program:


  • Personal advising
  • Class videos
  • Textbooks & study guides
  • Student login with test breakdown
  • Practice tests

No fee or obligation required.

How It Works

Enroll and Save!

Maximize your time and earn college credits for as little as $66 per credit hour!

Study Strategically

Learn methodically with access to your own student login, study materials, personal advising, and library resources. 

Test for College Credit

Receive credits by passing the CLEP test in the subject area of study!

 Dual Enrollment Courses

Six courses are offered in the College For All Dual Enrollment program; each is taught with a combination of textbook materials, access to study optimizing websites with 1,000+ videos, and practice tests to ensure the student is ready for testing day. Our academic advisors are available to give students any guidance they need, and to answer any questions that arise. The courses are sectioned into 4 week periods; with a structured study plan that prepares students to be successful. By completing all six courses of the Dual Enrollment program, students will obtain up to 36 credits. The cost of delivery is $399 each month. The best part is that the total cost is just $2,394 for all six courses. This allows students to skip up to a year of college coursework for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, students will need to cover their exam fee of approximately $90 as well as a proctoring fee, which is on average $20. 

Biology (6 credits)

Students who have completed 1-2 semesters of high school biology will be well prepared to take the Biology module. The course covers topics such as molecular and cellular biology, living organisms, ecology, and genetics.

College Composition with Essays (6 credits)

Students who are familiar with grammar basics and writing are ready to take this course. Throughout the course, students will become familiar with citations and learn to write college-level papers.

College Mathematics (6 credits)

College Mathematics covers concepts such as algebra, functions, probability, basic statistics and financial mathematics, geometry, and logic. Gaining proficiency in this subject matter also aids students who intend to take the SAT or ACT.

English Literature (3-6 credits)

This subject requires gaining knowledge of well-known authors and works, as well as critical thinking, applying literary terms to literary passages, and identifying poetical devices.

Humanities (3-6 credits)

The Humanities course covers subjects including literature, art, music, and other performing arts. Students should be prepared to explore and analyze poetry, different periods of art and music history, architecture, and theater.

Social Sciences & History (6 credits)

High school students can begin this course after they have studied American History. An emphasis is also placed on the study of Western Civilization and World History.
“Dual Enrollment program equipped me with crucial skills for college.”   



Dual Enrollment Alumnus, ’11 Class Graduate



More and more colleges are beginning to offer dual enrollment programs because they see there benefits for high school students. In comparison with other colleges how does College For All compare?  The College For All Dual Enrollment program allows students to receive personal advising, a specialized study plan, test preparation logins, and textbook materials for as little as $66 per credit hour (this does not include the approx. $90 exam fee). Our mission is to make higher education more convenient and achievable for the everyday student, therefore, keeping our program affordable is one of our top priorities.